Two-Minute Magazines #55: Fiera from Steven Watson on Vimeo.

“A really great new design title. I love the playfulness of the approach, which begins with a kaleidoscopic overview of the design objects themselves and then spins off into a deeper, more artful appraisal of them, encouraging the reader to flip back and forth as they move through the magazine.”
Steve Watson, Stack Magazines

Shortlisted for Best Launch in the inaugural Stack Awards.

Dan Howarth, Dezeen

“Katie’s new approach to putting all her discoveries from across the globe in one place, is a great way to celebrate new design talent that may have otherwise been overlooked.”
Look Like Love

“This rich issue is a giant step forward from their first, packed with imagery and information and smartly designed and well-paced. This is a textbook example of how to launch and build an engaging, reader-friendly and visually-striking magazine.”
Robert Newman, Newmanology

“Fiera Magazine is EXACTLY what designer makers need!”
Ted Jefferis,furniture designer

“Issue 02 of Fiera is every bit as good as – and maybe even better than – Issue 01! It’s important to look ahead to the future of design and Fiera does a great job of opening that world up to us.”
Becky Morris-Knight, Pretty Dandy

“Fiera provides a carefully curated guide to some of the year’s best designs, as well as their makers and making, and is the perfect mix of visual inspiration, analysis and reflection.”
Rachael Steven, Creative Review

Nominated for Best New Magazine in the Magpile Magazine Awards 2014

“Whether you’re a journalist, a designer, a buyer, student, or you just have a passion for good design, we cannot recommend Fiera highly enough.” Camron PR